Mg midget vapor lock

Is this technically vapor lock? I can't figure out what caused it. I figured the pump lost its prime and I would have to suck gas through the pump to get it running, but the pump was definitely primed, it just would not move any fuel until I cracked open the fuel line on the discharge side of the pump. The tank isĀ  I'm thinking vapor lock. vapor lock workaround | MG TD TF | Liona. Age: 30. Czesc / Lovely HI;) from Warsaw:) I think it serves to insulate the metal pipe from engine compartment heat and is not a mechanical complication and is totally reversible. Now the theories that the vapor lock is occurring in the fuel line and the pump in the engine compartment, this is more of the classical causes of vapor lock and why an electric fuel pump was the answer in the very early days before fuel injection. Mar 17, - Re: VAPOR LOCK - 76 MIDGET. I switched to an SU - and have had no problems. The only other thing I did do was route the fuel line behind the heater box to get to the carb. John-Peter Smit MG Midget Vauxhall Viva GT Fiat Multipla (Barn art). ContributeĀ  Vapor lock. Heat shield for fuel pump? - British Car Forum. Susana. Age: 25. Hello are you naughty boys this is Gemini the one in charge him and I I specialize in couples and Sex Therapy as well as kinky massages fetishes role playing and many other things just ask about the many services I offer and let's have a good time no AA clients please and must have three references and be on or be on other sites The MG Experience May 9, - LONG POST WARNING! ive seen many posts in the archives about vapour lock and high engine bay temperatures, and when i got my car initially i had chronic problems. However i cured it (mainly) by using exhaust wrap, vents at the side of my frogeye fibreglass bonnet and a big vent in the top of the. Sep 2, - Hi all, at the most recent GOF in San Diego, the subject of vapor lock came up during a carb tech session. It was suggested that to work around this annoying problem was to install a solid state or equivelent type fuel pump near the tank to supply cooler gasoline to the fuel pump under the bonnet. Will this.

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Arianna. Age: 27. "Let me entertain you!" My name is Fenna and I'm Dutch Aug 23, - Sounds like a classic case of vapour lock. And the solution is relatively easy. The problem stems from the routing of the fuel line (across the back of the engine, then down the side of the block to the pump) The solution is to re-route the line as far away from the heat source (engine) as possible, for as long as. Jun 11, - I used to read about you guys struggling with vapor lock and grinned "Glad I don't have that problem." Driving A dead give away for vapor lock in the fuel line below the pump is the old fuel pump clattering away like mad. . You can also get the exhaust sound mounts for the MG Midget from Moss Motors. I put a new Weber carburetor in last Spring to replace the old Stromberg in my '73 Spit. The car starts fine but when the engine heats up and is turned off, starting it up after 20 minutes or so is a problem. No problem starting if I do it very shortly after turning the car off. I have already done.


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