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GFS Minitron Vintage Mini humbuckers - Finally a real vintage Filtertron style pickup that fits into almost all of the Firebird style plate-mount mini humbucker guitars. Yes this means almost all of the imports with the weird mini hums- The picku. Guitar fetish neck Mini humbucker Current Chrome | Reverb Valerie. Age: 20. Hi Everyone Not as hot as some others but enough bite to get a great distortion sound. Mar 17, 1. I put the GFS Little Crunchy Mini (H92) in the neck position of a telecaster. I also bought the pickguard from them. It is 4-wired so you can split the coils if you want. Compared to the chirpy, burping sound of the Squier PU that was in there, I am very happy with it. After switching from the bridge only position,  Les Paul Jr + GFS mini humbuckers? Madeleine. Age: 29. READ MY REVIEWS FOR A FEELING OF THE THE REAL ME Mini Humbucker: Gibson, Lollar, or GFS? Available only at Guitarfetish: A fat. Quality, tone soaked, dynamic pickups at an astonishing price.

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Jaclyn. Age: 28. kinky and hungry in bed Thanks to all the good posts here about mini humbuckers, I've discovered I can get my pickguard needs met by Warmoth. As for the mini-hum itself. The mini-humbucker is a humbucking guitar pickup (used in electric guitars). It was originally created by the Epiphone company. The mini-humbucker resembles a Gibson PAF humbucker, but is narrower in size and senses a shorter length of string vibration. This produces clearer, brighter tones that are quite unlike typical. Feb 2, - I don't have GFS humbucker in my sg, but plan to get them. But I do have a set of GFS '59 mini humbuckers in my LP deluxe replica and they are awesome. Well balanced. Plenty of bottom end even for a small bucker, without getting mushy. I'll probably get a set of regular size vintage 59s for my sg as well.


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