Getting pregnant with out losing your virginity

May 27, - Because you can't get pregnant if you haven't lost your virginity. So, basically, losing virginity is in a tight relationship with pregnancy, and in order to get pregnant, you must lose your virginity. But, it is rather interesting that you aren't having your period, so that could be alarming in a way, so I suggest you to. Virgin pregnant without penetration – Is it possible? | Pregnant Magazine Sonia. Age: 27. I am Lana I changed my mind. Theoretically hymen is the ring like layer covering inside the tube represent that you are virgin means no penetration happened. Feb 7, - If sperm gets on your vagina, it can swim up there and impregnate you. HOWEVER, and this is a big however (hence the caps), this is rare. It does not happen all the time. Your chances of getting pregnant when you've never had sex are much, much lower than they would be if you had penetrative sex. Aselina. Age: 26. Hello Gentlemen I am a classy brunette that is from California! I am coming to visit Honolulu November 20-25 Virgin pregnant without penetration – Is it possible? Intercourse is required to get pregnant but there are more penetration acts of sexual acts where there is. Jul 18, - Answered Jul 16, · Author has k answers and m answer views. You can get pregnant when sperm cells reach egg cells. While intercourse with ejaculation is the most common way to accomplish this, it is possible for sperm cells to reach egg cells without technical loss of virginity. Keep your pants on, or figure  Is it possible to get pregnant without losing virginity? My.

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Esperanza. Age: 25. My name is Sophia ! I am a beautiful Russian lady with all natural body big brown eyes and fantastic skills ! Dec 4, - It doesn't sound like your pregnant to me. JenRhea. Answered 12/4/ 3 found this helpful. I suggest you go to your obgyn and or doctor and tell him what happened. They will get to the bottom of your situation quickly and help you. Sounds like a UTI and you should get antibiotics because it can turn. Virginity does not prevent semen from entering your vagina. Sperm that has Vigorous sporting does cause the loss of integrity of the hymen without sexual intercourse. There are other READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON CHANCES OF GETTING PREGNANT WITH PRECUM AND NO PENETRATION HERE. END: PG FM 07/. Oct 21, - 3 Answers - Posted in: contraception, pregnancy, sex, condom, virginity - Answer: Yes, you most certainly can get pregnant your first time! Please I lost my virginity 6 days ago, we used VCF+condom and he didn't ejaculate, why am I spotting now? Posted 29 Dec • 0 answers.


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